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Thank you so much for taking interest in our store! TailormadePets is for the many pet enthusiasts. We know that to many people their pets are part of the family so want to be your go to spot for their needs. No community is the same void of communication so we want to encourage engagement. Feel free to engage us on social media. Take plenty of pictures of your pets toys, clothes and other items or just visit us on Facebook or Instagram to say hi we’d love to hear from you!

TailormadePets offers a wide variety of pet products, from beds to chew toys , to cloths , we got you covered! Do you like good deals and getting merchandise on sale? Of course you do.

Sign up to our mailing list so you never miss one of our offers. Scroll to the bottom of any of the pages on our webstore and enter your email address into the Stay Up To Date Field then click the Subscribe Button. TailormadePets is where it’s at! With worldwide shipping to most countries, friendly support and the hottest deals why shop any place else?

If for any reason your experience was anything but spectacular please let us know. You can go to the Contact Us Tab and fill out the form. We truly hope you enjoy our store as much as we did making it.

We do it all for the Pets at TailormadePets!

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